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GTA: San Andreas Homeboys

Download GTA: San Andreas Homeboys

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GTA: San Andreas Homeboys Free Download

Protect the screen and the computer with GTA Scan’s bad guys

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


GTA San Andreas Homeboys is a piece of software that serves as a screensaver. If you are suspicious about that someone may access your documents through your PC, then you may use GTA San Andreas Homeboys. GTA San Andreas Homeboys parades two male characters of the game. A tattoo means face and arm hands are constant elements of alternating screens screen protector. Whenever a computer is left on standby this portrait of a homeboy from the game appears on the screen. You need to set the time before leaving it, the guys of GTA San Andreas keeps order and not let anyone get close to it for that period. This can help immerse the player in the game world as well as show his devotion to the Grand Theft Auto brand. GTA San Andreas Homeboys is an official screensaver from Rockstar. It get install to your PC easily and rotates through two images, when once activated.


With this app you can protect your Windows PC, instead of using control program access to protect it, plus it provides great vulnerable and attractive screensaver for making fun out of it.


It’s a quiet easy application for everyone so, you need not to worry about it features, All you need to download it and use it.



  • Free
  • Good ambiance of the game
  • Attractive
  • Protective
  • Enables you to set time


  • Repetitious

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