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FrostWire: An Alternate of LimeWire for Free files sharing over Internet

Last updated on: 12/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


FrostWire is a free open source BitTorrent client, straightforward and easy to use which is released as a fork of LimeWire initially. Gnutella support was dropped entirely and now FrostWire only uses the BitTorrent network popular cloud services to search and share files.



With it you exchange files over a network the Internet, to send large files or entire folders to family, colleagues and friends.  With FrostWire you exchange files of nearly all formats and perform multiple searches simultaneously throughout. You can share files on a local Wi-Fi network between Macs, PCs tablets and Android phones without any networking knowledge just fire the apps share and start streaming and sending files between devices perfect for home networks and collaborating teams in work/study environments no more USB sticks or technically challenging network configuration to have computers in different environments share files with each other. Video and audio can be tested using FrostWire’s media player which gives you an immediate preview of your file via Built in media player.


The user interface of FrostWire is kept consistently intuitive and self-explanatory. Before you start a download the software remembers always strives to comply with existing copyright law. Of IP addresses you can connect for direct file exchange even directly with computers of friends and acquaintances.



All in all, you can get your usual good with FrostWire Gnutella Power on the PC. It is not allowed to download this software copyrighted material as commercial music or movies.



  • Built in media player
  • Very similar to Limewire
  • Bug fixer


  • Sharing most probably depends on connectivity

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