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Last updated on: 01/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav


Free Mind created so-called mind maps. With the free software, the user ideas, thoughts and solutions hold graphically and vividly bring order to the results of brainstorming sessions and meetings. It is a Java-based cross-platform solution. A new one begins in Free Mind map on a centered workspace. We start off with a Child Node which is our main subject. This title can be written in a huge number of font sizes and styles and then right-click on it to add Child Nodes which are subjects that relate to it. Then we have a huge number of tools and annotations down the left hand side to add color and notes to our mind map. Its toolbar is horribly crushed together and cluttered though making it very difficult to see them clearly.


Each node provides the user with icons connects sub items with arrows or links them to local or external hyperlinks. It also brings the origin node is added to the Insert button add new sub-node. It gives us a time manager with the planning of projects. For all individual operation Free Mind offers customizable keyboard shortcuts for frequently used actions. Free Mind brings strong mind map software on the computer. If we already have some points together, Free Mind brings Mind Map automatically on request, in an attractive layout. Free Mind runs on the Java run-time environment. Keeping track of projects, including sub tasks, state of sub tasks and time recording. It keeps a collection of small or middle sized notes with links on some area which expands as needed. Such a collection of notes is sometimes called knowledge base.


  • Navigation with arrow keys
  • Customizable shortcut keys
  • automatic layout



  • Entry not easy

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