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FreeJava: to build Java applications

Last updated on: 31/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


FreeJava is a visual development system integrated into 32 bits to build Java applications and applets. It is a small but effective environment which will fill our screen with necessary controls.
It requires the most current version of the JDK possible.


All the audio engine code and the software synthesizer have been released as open-source. Little CMS has replaced the native colour-management system. There is a pluggable layer in the JDK that is openJDK can use littleCMS and the commercial version can use the old colour management system. The closed-source software synthesizer has been replaced by a new synthesizer developed specifically for OpenJDK called Gervill.

All cryptographical classes’ uses in the Class library have been released as free software. The open-sourced Pisces renderer used in the phoneME project has replaced the anti-aliasing graphics rasterizer code. The JavaScript plug-in has been the open-sourced for it. Java Runtime environment, the free product presented on this download is required to perform countless tasks on a computer. Once java runtime environment is downloaded it runs quietly in the background and automatically checks the new updates.



  • Free application
  • Easy to install
  • Java Runtime Environment to check the new updates
  • To build Java applications and applets
  • Many new features has been introduced


  • For advance features Java Development kit is a must


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