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FirstRow Sport App

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FirstRow Sport App Free Download

Football and sport free streaming on your PC

FirstRow Desktop App allows you to watch live sports streaming via the web. Football matches, tennis, basketball, motorcycles and so on.

Scheduled Events

FirstRow Sports App is anaggregator of resources that broadcasts TV channels in streaming.

Sports events of the day are filed by time. Just choose one that interests you and you can click on one of the available sources to see the matchor the match of your choice.

Not only sports , however: FirstRow Sports App also offers generalist TV channels by country (but seems to be correct) or category (news, sports, music, entertainment, movies, weather, shopping and so on). All over 4,500 TV channels visible streaming from a single app. 

All just a click away

FirstRow Sports App has a clean, uncluttered and easy to read. In the left column you can find content divided by country or category, while on the right are the sports events of the day, broken down by type (football, tennis, basketball ...). 

Streaming of good quality, but not always ...

For every sporting event there is more than one source ( source ) streaming available. Clicking on a source will be redirected from inside the app, the corresponding web page where FirstRow stream is transmitted.

The quality of web TV is good and the sources are updated with a frequency in the vicinity of the event. Nevertheless, sometimes you can run into some bad channel or low-quality.

In our tests with the generalist TV channels , however, the loading of the channels has always been a bit 'slow and often were unreachable during the test.

Watch out for the bundle

During installation you will be offered other products to be installed in bundles.You can decline the offer, but be careful to avoid the process is a bit 'tortuous. 

Our opinion

FirstRow Sports App is ideal for those who love to see sports on the Internet .

The interface is usable, the daily schedule of events is well cared for and the sources are updated often. Streaming is of good quality (but not all channels are functioning) and there are various sources to choose from.

May be the annoying advertising (ads) which is a must see before loading the required channel. Very modest, however, the performance of FirstRow Sports App with general TV. 

  • All sports events of the day
  • Daily programming
  • Interface design and convincing
  • Sources up to date for each match
  • Installation Phase tedious
  • Vision of the channel in-app improved
  • Low quality of the generalist TV




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