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Firefox for Windows 8

Download Firefox for Windows 8

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Firefox for Windows 8 Free Download

Redesigned interfacing of Firefox with Windows8

Last updated on : 03/10/2013

There is good news for Windows 8 users frustrated with Internet Explorer. Mozilla has released its preview build of Firefox for Windows 8's Modern UI, named as Firefox Metro Preview. Users can now download and test this newest version of Firefox. It can function as a desktop version of Firefox or as a Modern UI.


Friendly interface of home screen: Its interface is completely redesigned. The home screen look is just awesome. Screen shows tiles for most visited sites and bookmarks which make it easier to get back to the recent sites faster.


Bookmarks: Mozilla have redesigned the way of how Firefox will handle bookmarks. Folders are replaced with 'lists' in the form of tiles on the screen. Also bookmarks will be in sorted form now.


Tabs in the form of thumbnail: This is the most impressive and magnificent interface of Firefox Metro Preview is its live, animated thumbnails of currently opened tabs. You can see each tab in the form of a thumbnail. If there are ads or video running in that tab, it will be reflected in its live preview.


Innovative search option: Search has been in new and improved form and integrated into Windows 8's search function. Just activate universal search by pressing 'Windows + F' and choosing to search with Firefox


Secure: It offers great security, privacy, and protection against viruses, spyware, malware, the latest version is highly customizable, and extensions. With faster start-up times, rapid graphics rendering and improved page load speed it is full of major performance improvements. Get to your favourite sites quickly – even if you don’t remember the URLs. You can also customize this page by adding, removing or reorganizing sites to get to where you want to go in one click.


It would be the best experience for all Windows8 users as Firefox helps you get to task faster than ever by displaying a set of thumbnails of your most recently and frequently visited sites. It has innovative and magnificent user interface ever have. You can experience super-fast graphics acceleration of video and Web content with a new layers-based graphics system that takes advantage of Direct2D and Direct3D on Windows.


All users of Windows8 can get the advantage of preview build of Firefox for Window’s Modern UI

So shall Firefox for Windows 8

Firefox for Windows 8 Nightly Build is the beta version of Mozilla for ModernUI interface of Windows 8 .

Firefox for Windows 8 adopts amore modern, square , in line with the rest of Windows. August. It also incorporates tabbed browsing something different to what we were used FireVox to date.

To run this version of Firefox for Windows 8 have to follow these steps : First, download the file and install it by following the normal installation process. Once installed, you just have to dial my default browser Nightly and run it from the Start screen.

Note that this Firefox Nightly Build of Windows 8 is still a beta , so you may have problems of stability and tactile controls (if you try it on a tablet) are not optimal.

  • Attractive appearance
  • Minimalist and modern design
  • Unlike desktop version
  • Awesome Bar
  • Improved and redesigned Interface
  • Live and animated thumbnails
  • Bookmarks in tiles form
  • Some stability problems
  • Improved touch navigation
  • Must set "Nightly" as the default browser in Windows to enable Modern UI


KMPlayer screenshot