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Facebook skin for Messenger 8.5

Download Facebook skin for Messenger 8.5

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Facebook skin for Messenger 8.5 Free Download

Apply Facebook Skin to your Messenger 8.5

Last updated on: 12/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Facebook skin for Messenger 8.5 is an application that will let you change your Windows Live Messenger interface into the familiar blue and white colours of Facebook. It a realistic looking skin for Windows Live Messenger and has fantastic details that'll make you feel as though you're logged into your Facebook account instead of the chat client. Facebook which is one of the social webs has greater global impacts on millions of people who use it every day and have become accustomed to its simple and peculiar aspect. If you really want your messenger to resemble it then, you can achieve it with this skin for Windows Live Messenger as long as you use the 8.5 version which is the only compatible and have Messenger plus Live. This application gives you the opportunity to turn your drab instant messaging client into something much cooler. Your online status looks just like a Facebook status bar sitting right next to your profile picture which is actually your chat avatar. The details are superb and continue from your buddy list into the actual chat box when you're talking to someone. Facebook skin for Messenger 8.5 is good software free in English and this version of Facebook skin for Messenger 8.5 is compatible with all windows.


Facebook skin for Messenger 8.5 is free application in English and gives a very realistic Facebook like appearance to your Windows Messenger 8.5. So, if you are obsessed with the looks of Messenger than it’s a great opportunity.


All users having Windows Messenger 8.5 than this is a compatible app for you!



  • Free
  • Available in English version
  • Compatible with most of the windows
  • For all Facebook lovers a compatible apps


  • Compatible with Messenger 8.5 only



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