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Facebook Touch for Windows 8

Download Facebook Touch for Windows 8

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Facebook Touch for Windows 8 Free Download

Face book Touch for Windows 8

Last updated on: 01/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav


Face book Touch for Windows 8 is an application for the world's largest social network for Windows 8 and Windows RT.  Face book is no official Windows 8 app has brought home-users must make do with the regular website or an application made ??by a third person.  It is intended to provide people with a touch screen easier to browse. Face book Touch for Windows 8 is one of the latter categories. You are viewing your profile and news feed on full screen. Face book Windows 8 is a failure of buzzing. Where the social media experience is aims to improve and it reaches just the opposite. Face book Touch for window 8 have most options to provide an error message and the messages are not in chronological order on your news block. For Windows 8 is just a failed version of the network. It entire screen is simply a stretched overview of the website.


Face book Touch for Windows 8 is ad supported so you'll see a pretty big ad on the bottom right. You can get rid of these by paying a onetime fee of $2.99. When Face book has yet to release, an official Windows 8 application introduced, so users are stuck using the mobile site or 3rd party apps. Face book Touch for Windows 8 is one of the latest apps. There is a full screen browsing mode so you can browse Face book distraction free. Face book Touch for Windows 8 also included a menu bar at the top where you can access most of Face book’s features including notifications, messages, events, and friends list. Face book Touch for Windows 8 also integrates Face book chat in a column at the right side. Face book Touch for Windows 8 is a poor attempt at making a touch-friendly Face book experience. The app simply pulls in Face book’s mobile site so everything looks extremely small. Buttons and links are also appear tiny as the mobile site was designed for phones.



  • Chat site
  • Full screen



  • Many error messages
  • Stretched interface
  • Not chronologically


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