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FL Studio: Complete package to produce professional’s level music

Last updated on: 11/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


If you are a music lover then you have several options in audio editing softwares to download and use but FL Studio is a package which simply offers you producing music yourselves. Infact all competition you have seen around in music creation started since FL Studio formerly named as Fruity loops broke the beats. Trust me it’s a complete full featured and affordable audio application. It offers you the opportunity of composing, recording, mixing, editing and creating professional’s level music. For Microsoft Windows it has four editions which include Fruity Edition, Signature Bundle, FL Studio Express and Producer Edition. Infact once you install it after that you can easily get its future updates timely and it is totally free for lifetime. Other programs comparable to FL Studio are much costly almost twice costlier. Also, several versions of FL Studio are available in market, so the price goes up as the features increases.

Features: After downloading program takes time for installing because it has to copy some instrument and other tools before get into use, although it has fuzzy interface but once you get into it things become easier. Application runs in full screen and its left side displays functions that includes editing, multitouch support, plug-in picker, plug-in hosting, sequencing, arranging, recording and playing MIDI input, play-list, piano roll, play truncated notes in clips, right click data entry, special effects, equalizers, compressors, filters, live performance, multi track recording etc, you can also plug-ins and add-ons to boost up its functionality while right side is used for mixing, multi track recording, remixing audios etc, it has 68 mixer tracks and each track supports 8 filters. You can bind your other programs via DXi and VSTi plug-ins so that you are allowed to use their instruments as well. Help section which provides the right track to find out ways for creating your own music easily. After creating your music you can play it immediately with the help of software instruments collection. It supports various file formats like WAV, SYN, DS, and MP3 etc. Its interoperability and sound generators adds great appearance to it.

FL Studio is a complete package and a quite indeed a professional’s tool includes instruments, tools, plug-ins and other good features and special effects which any other software hardly provides you. However, it completely free, but if you want more exciting features you have to pay more according to your requirements.

Who can use this software?


Novice or those having less experience on working this kind of program might find difficult to operate it first time. This application is indeeded for those who really want to be a DJ or produce music themselves.  



  • Complete pack for DJs
  • Available in four editions for Windows Fruity Edition, Signature Bundle, FL Studio Express and Producer Edition
  • Supports various Plug-ins like DXi and VSTi
  • Supports various file formats like WAV, SYN, DS, and MP3 etc
  • Interoperability and sound generators adds great appearance to it.
  • Provides you professional’s level tools and music.
  • Mix and mash options
  • Provides you a wide range of good features, effects to make your music superior


  • All in all provides you complex and dark interfacing so hard for novice to use it first time
  • Analog imitators causes wacky sounds


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