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Keep yourself unseen from seen messages

Last updated on : 03/10/2013

FB Unseen is an extension for Google Chrome. It is a small add-on which occupies less space and hardly takes few minutes to get install. Actually Facebook has introduced a new feature according to it if someone has read messages sent to him/her, the sender can see that the person has been read their message. Usually certain person whom we need to hide and avoid answering them but don’t want to show them will create an issue, we will not be able to stop responding to that person since he knows that we saw his/her messages, if we didn't respond to him/her then they can definitely identify that we are avoiding them. In order to avoid these entire awkward situation we opt for FB unseen add-on. Once you install it, it prevents message from being marked as seen automatically. Also it has an option ‘Mark as read’ appears in chat, when you desire upon clicking it; the other person is informed that his message has been read.


It has very simple setting and get easily install. It takes little space for itself. It is compatible with Windows7, Windows8, windows vista and Windows XP.

For all Facebook users it seems a worthy and meaningful add-on to use.


Block the warnings read messages in Facebook chat

FB Unseen is a complement for Google Chrome that lets you enable or disable the warning read messages in Facebook chat. With it, you choose to see your contact (or not) the sign that his message was read.

The Facebook chat tool that tells whether a message has been read or not can be very practical, but also very inconvenient. If you want to avoid situations bothersome or simply do not want anyone to know what and when it was read on Facebook, FB Unseen is perfect.

After you install this on your Chrome, you can choose when the warning should be shown to your contacts. Upon clicking "Mark as read" that appears in the chat, the other person is informed.

Install FB Unseen and use Facebook chat with all the privacy you have always wanted.


For technical reasons, you will be directed to the Chrome Web Store, online store from which you can download and install the extension in your Google Chrome browser.

  • Perfect for the guys more discreet
  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to block or activate the warning
  • Avoid read receipt of FB to pass on
    Easy installation
    Easy to use
    Messages can be marked as read when desire

    Occupy less space
  • Sometimes it won’t work
    Only compatible with FB and Google chrome



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