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EverNote Free Download

Central repository of information hunters

With the free online Evernote notebook, the user collects data from various formats. The freeware stores information from any location. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

Evernote works as a web-based application. After the user has created a free account, manages to belong to the notes with Evernote desktop interface on your computer.The program interface is similar to a blog with endless loop. The user adds drag and drop any text snippets, images, videos,screenshots or tables in Evernote.

Optional extended to the collection of information by means of a so-called add-ons for the web browser Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer . By pressing a button the freeware synchronizes the data entered with the data stored on the Internet.

The text recognition contained in Evernote converts handwritten notes into digital documents. If desired, the user assigns the notes randomly collected in so-calledTo-Do lists with date and time. With the built-in e-mail function to send the information to any recipient.

The free Evernote assigns, manages and processes information collected on the Internet easily and clearly. Its intuitive interface is self-explanatory

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