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Electronic Piano

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Electronic Piano Free Download

Musical app to add fun to your dictionary

Last updated on: 18/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Music now on Electronic Piano

With Electronic Piano man gets a simple knitted electric piano on the home computer. With this fascinating program you can learn to play musical notes, drums, chords and compose music right on your computer without having to buy any additional equipment or instruments. In addition to piano sound the free software offers 127 more instruments that can be played with the computer keyboard. This software app supports a wide range of different sound styles that enables you to emulate almost anything from a piano to including trumpet, a guitar, bass, harmonica, organ, cello, violin and a lot more to offer.


Playing Piano now on tips

The virtual keyboard of Electronic Piano leans more or less on a real piano keyboard. The program is really easy to use as it displays the note chart on its interface so that you know what you're playing. So you find yourself quite quickly into the operation. About the configuration options you select each desired sounds. 47 round drum sounds from the entertaining music fun.


Electronic Piano is a nice conversation in between. The program responds unfortunately somewhat delayed on keystrokes and professional requirements one must make to Electronic piano in any case.


Recommended for fun

It’s quit far away from being a professional level’s musical app. So strictly recommended as a fun app.



  • Many instruments to choose
  • Drum sounds on board
  • Easiest way to learn music
  • Easy to get it on your windows


  • Poor response time
  • Suitable only as a gimmick



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