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Earth3D Free Download

Watch your planetarium in real time

Last updated on: 18/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav




Earth3D brings a model of the globe on your desktop. It visualizes the earth in a realtime 3D view. The freeware offers the composite of satellite photographs globe current weather information, city and country data coordinates etc. It collects data from USGS, NASA, CIA and Osnabrück. The program is available as binary for Windows, MacOS X and Linux. Earth3D includes a beautiful collection of images from our planet in 3D perspective; the recording quality of some satellite photos is not optimal when loading the images you have to bring mostly patience.




Different views and locations can be changed by using the categorized list on the left side of the interface while viewing images themselves on the right side of it. The virtual trip in Earth3D can be quite fun. Earth3D features some interesting extras such as the ability to capture images or even record a small video while you're moving around the Earth, embedding external data like current earthquake positions or cloud data or zooming in and out  just with your mouse until countries and cities and even single houses become visible. However there's one big problem that prevented us from giving Earth3D a better score and that is its incredible slowness when loading pictures.


What's New in this version!


the Northern and the Southern polar circles, geographic grid with the equator,  the Tropic of Cancer, the Tropic of Capricorn, the Greenwich meridian and international date line. Also, now you can restrict the rotation by the Earth’s axis like in a globe.



  • No installation required
  • Ability to capture images
  • Record a small video
  • Zooming in and out


  • Incredibly slow to display images


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