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Desktop Calendar

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Desktop Calendar 

Last updated on: 01/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav


Desktop Calendar extends the Windows desktop to display a calendar.  It shows the current month, all calendar days and time.  By a few clicks we can jump to the following months or years to come.¬† Style, position and colors of the calendar it adjusts individually. Appointments and tasks we wear a double-for each calendar day. It also reminiscent of overdue tasks. In a bonus the program is set to automatically wallpaper that show the current month. The Personal calendar data is stored in standard CSV format.


One of the best features about this calendar is that it allows us to share dates and data with others on our network. Widgets have added a whole new dimension to Windows desktops allowing you to track and stay informed about your favorite sites and news sources more easily than ever before. It also integrates with Outlook so that our appointments and tasks are displayed clearly on our desktop. If you've never tried one then widgets are basically downloadable tools that provide services such as showing you the latest news, the time, the current weather, a calendar, a calculator, a map program, a language translator etc. Aside from the old-fashioned surface of Desktop Calendar is quite successful. Windows Vista has incorporated widgets into its very make up automatically providing you with a calendar and clock widget as standard with options to add many more. ¬†Adding a list in your desktop background is easier than it seems before. This requires is a simple text file that contains your list and an old Windows feature that is Active Desktop. It has trick of consists of creating a very simple HTML document in a text editor with your list and then uses Active Desktop to show it on top of your wallpaper. Especially note the practical and alarm functions of lean application lacked the Windows desktop so far.



  • Compact surface
  • Easy operation
  • Note function
  • Alarm function


  • Outdated design
  • Not optimized for Windows 7 or XP


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