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Bluetooth devices on the trail

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav


BluetoothView feels Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. BluetoothView is a very simple software application designed to detect Bluetooth devices around you and monitor their activity.


With a very simple and easy to navigate interface its only requirement is The PC must be equipped with an appropriate interface. Similar to the now well-known WiFi scanners lists all Bluetooth enabled devices such as mobile phones or handheld devices in the immediate vicinity of the free software. BluetoothView makes after starting the program, comes with a dedicated tool to allow you attempt to establish a connection to any of the detected devices but also with a separate Options menu to open window, beep on new device or alert only on devices with description, configure update rate, an icon in the system tray noticeable and works quietly in the background. Once the freeware discovered a Bluetooth device, the program reports an appropriate notice. Bluetooth mouse click on the View lists all visible to the Bluetooth antenna devices - including the manufacturer and model name, exact location and time of discovery.

BluetoothView works like a little radar screen - always on the search for Bluetooth devices. Certainly practice scenarios are conceivable in which the freeware makes useful services. However, a similar function offers all popular Bluetooth Driver programs that you usually can also connect the same with the individual devices themselves.


Recent changes

The current version stores Bluetooth activity in a log file.


This app is a handy piece of software undoubtedly runs on a minimal amount of hardware resources and works very smooth no matter the Windows version.


Experienced users and beginners should have no problem trying to figure out its features.



  • Straightforward approach
  • Simple and easy to navigate


  • Limited number of features

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