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Bluetooth Driver Installer

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Bluetooth Driver Installer Free Download

Driver "wildcard" that ensures the Bluetooth connection to PC

Last updated on : 03/10/2013

In today’s technology progresses world we really need to do everything to catch up and stay in touch with all new things that are invented over time and one of them is Microsoft’s Bluetooth. Advantage of Bluetooth drivers is that they will be able to communicate with all mobile devices, smart phones etc through your PC.

Bluetooth Driver installer is an application that aimed to accommodate Bluetooth devices on PC by automatically detecting and installing compatible drivers. Most of the time we face situation like our Windows fails to recognize Bluetooth adapter or triggers errors, which are most embracing situation and we’re not able to recognize the solution. Mostly this issue occurred due to incorrect behaviour of WinDir%\inf\bth.inf file. Bluetooth Driver Installer sorts out this problem and therefore repairs all the bugs that preventing you from installing the device. Another cause that requires Bluetooth Driver installer is when there is absence of compatible adapter. In that situation this application identifies the device and installs it that will allow you to use it successfully. Bluetooth Driver installer works with the Bluetooth adapters, USB dongles, and built-in devices. It creates restore point so before any changes to be made, it asks for permission. So provides you with recovery option if anything goes wrong with the system. It has very effortless navigating wizard which easily recognize the hardware and do necessary driver installations. This whole installation process takes few minutes and caused impact is minimal on system resources.


The great difference is that it repairs all the adapter related issues or install successfully but if there is some issues during installation it creates restore point which saves your system to be affected in anyway.


Bluetooth Driver installer works with the Bluetooth adapters, USB dongles, and built-in devices. So all Windows user can utilize its features.


Driver "wildcard" that ensures the Bluetooth connection to PC

Bluetooth is a technology that connects your PC to other devices wirelessly. Bluetooth Driver Installer installs the necessary drivers to use disposisitivos Bluettoth computer.

Even without really knowing what they are, you use drivers on your computer constantly. The drivers are used to establish communication between the PC and peripherals such as digital camera, printer, webcam, scanner ...

Bluetooth Driver Installer is a package to download drivers for most commonly used Bluetooth devices. Download and run the program file and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process.

Bluetooth Driver Installer to work, there must be some Bluetooth device connected to the PC.

  • Easy to install
  • Free
  • Works with Bluetooth adapter
    Creates restore point

    Easy navigating wizard
  • Bluettoth device must be connected


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