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With just one software get Android apps on your PC

Last updated on : 03/10/2013

BlueStacks App Player is software which enables you to run apps from your phone on your PC.  You can get thousand of world’s top apps like Angry Birds space, Ruzzle, KiK Messenger and much more on your PC, laptops, and tablets for free through this software which enables you to run them much faster and to watch fullscreen with an excellent and delightful experience that you won’t get on Android phone. Android has thousands of useful apps to socialise, entertain and help with just about anything you can think off. Until now, they have been exclusively available on an Android phone or tablet. But now you have that experience on your PC. Some people don’t have android phones or tablets to play android games so they can download BlueStacks app player to run those android apps/ games on their PC, computer or Laptops. So, basically BlueStacks App Player brings together your Android apps on your desktop with the rest of your software onto your Windows.  Also, sometimes you have android device but you want to play the games and run those apps on big screen. Infact, this is not the end but beginning, you can download any desire apps that you want on your PC. For example you can download Line app, WhatsApp and Viper app that allows you to chat to any of your friend who has already installed them. These apps have no PC version so theoretically you can use these services only through Smartphone, but actually if you have BlueStacks App Player software then things can be reality. By default, it provides a few apps for you to try out. If you wish to download new apps on BlueStacks either through Google or other unofficial application stores, just go to the search bar situated on the top of it start screen. Search for your desired app name, and choose the correct one from the search results. You can download over a million apps, games and utilities.


This is software which gives you richer, reliable and delightful experience to run your android apps/games and other apps with a faster and fullscreen experience. Those apps which have no PC version can be downloaded and run through this software. You can download over a million android apps, games and utilities through this software. It supports Windows, netbooks, and tablets. Just few minutes of installation and then brilliant experience will be on your PC.


Every PC user can get experience of android apps through this software. Also if you don’t have an android phone or like to run your apps on big screen with a faster experience then you should opt for it. Around the world million of users connected to this application and utilising it and now it’s your time.

Use Android on your PC

BlueStacks made possible something that is lacking for many people: access Android applications from your computer.The program creates a miniárea work on PC desktop with shortcuts to the apps you use most.

After installing BlueStacks App Player, just click on the Android doll at the upper right of the screen to open up a window with icons for your favorite programs made for the Android operating system.

The BlueStacks App Player comes with ten pre-installed applications.Among them are the news aggregator Pulse and car racing game Drag Racing . It also gives to install new applications on BlueStacks App Player. For this, just use the search bar.

Our opinion

As the BlueStacks App Player apps such matter and how they are on Android, an operating system designed for phones and tablets, can be a bit tricky to use the application. Some, for example, are thought to completely devices with small screens and touch.

On the other hand, the BlueStacks App Player may be useful in the case of Android games and apps with the use of fixed formats, such as programs to learn languages, data query or basic functions.

  • Runs Android Apps on Windows
  • Comes with ten pre-installed programs
  • Provides playing Android apps faster
    Gives Fullscreen experience
    Run 10 pre-loaded apps
    Install your favourite apps
    Apps which have no PC version can be downloaded through it
    Easy interfacing

  • For now, you can install a maximum of 26 apps
  • The apps come zeroed after the PC sync without the settings made before the cell
  • May not work fast on older netbooks and tablets
    It doesn't provide a mechanism to uninstall cleanly
    Lag issue, especially when running graphic intensive apps


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