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Download BitTorrent

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BitTorrent Free Download

The original BitTorrent client for Windows

Brings the original BitTorrent client for the free download of torrent files to the PC. Similar to the so-called P2P clients such as eMule can be videos, download MP3 files, and many other documents.

BitTorrent accesses not only to a single file on another computer connected to the download of a music file. Instead, the client downloads a piece of music down, simultaneously from multiple computers. As a result, the download time is reduced significantly.

Once you have installed BitTorent, one adds a so-called BitTorrent link to the swap meet one. This link is obtained either directly via integrated program search, or in one of the many BitTorrent search engines on the Internet.

Any pause and restart downloads 
As with similar applications checked the freeware downloaded files for completeness and resumes broken downloads again. The download and upload Working speed is regulated through the program settings and prevents the browser is slow.

BitTorrent is moving data quickly and easily on the computer. However, the pioneer has among torrent clients with Vuze and uTorrent now very strong competition. It is not allowed to download this software copyrighted material as commercial music or movies.


BitTorrent is initially available in English on the computer. With this file BitTorrent speaks over 30 languages, including German and Turkish. After the download you copy this file in the BitTorrent program folder and select the desired language in the BitTorrent menu options.

  • easily understandable
  • fast and stable
  • resumes broken downloads on again
  • Language file must be installed by hand
  • install optional toolbar


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