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Apache HTTP Server

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Apache HTTP Server Free Download

Apache HTTP Server: A Web server never failed to deliver great results

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav



With Apache HTTP Server is the standard web server fetches on the Windows machine. The Apache HTTP Server is the top choice of users looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful Web server.  The freeware offers everything a modern Internet service provider requires. It is no wonder that more than 60 percent of all websites are offered on an Apache server.



Apache HTTP Server is a modular design. With the aid of appropriate modules, the freeware can encrypt example, the communication between the browser and web server or as a proxy server. In order to start adding your website to the server you just have to copy its contents within the htdocs folder of the Apache installation directory. Also, you can add multiple compiled modules and thus expand the operational spectrum of the core. The GUI of Apache HTTP Server is very basic and holds just the essentials. It’s window allows you to start, stop and restart the server quickly access the Windows Services panel and also create connections to remote computers.  All settings can be customized through configuration files. Here you can regulate, among other things, the access of users to put CGI variables and set access paths. A basic configuration of Apache HTTP Server can be implemented without major circumstances. Along with PHP and MySQL , Apache on Windows is the so-called WAMP (Windows Apache MySQL PHP) - one among programmers and system administrators very popular package. A very extensive documentation is available online as well as locally for viewing via browser after installation and discusses the intricacies of the server. The current version offers some new features compared to its predecessor.



Apache HTTP Server is a very robust and versatile, it is the starting point for any website and has been tested throughout by the web developing community and never failed to deliver great results. When it comes to web applications, web pages, CGI, PHP, or to set up a local intranet server is the Apache first choice.


Apache HTTP Server is very flexible server can prove to be the exact thing you look for when searching for a serious solution to your HTTP server.



  • Modular design
  • Standard web server
  • Freeware
  • Never failed to deliver great results


  • Nothing worth mentioning


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