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Android SDK

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Android SDK Free Download

Google's mobile operating system for developers

Last updated on: 27/12/2013 by Rekha Yadav


Android SDK provides a view of the operating system designed for mobile devices. The free development environment simulates the entire operating system, including hardware under Windows. It’s a lighter package includes only the basic utilities for Android app development.

Android SDK package bundles a decent set of libraries and development tools to assist programmers in building and testing applications. If it is used properly together with Eclipse and JDK then it is able to deliver state-of-the-art software for Android devices. Android SDK supports older versions of the platform ranging from Android 1.1 to latest version.

The Android SDK has the emulator with an English Android operating system and preinstalled applications. An address book, an Internet browser and a customized version of Google Maps demonstrate the developer's two-pronged operating concept of the Google operating system: Android SDK uses it as the iPhone touch screen, but the Google OS supports the same devices with mobile phone or complete QWERTZ keyboard. Android SDK provides many interfaces for the development work. English documentation describes a series of supported APIs. The developer kit provides among other interfaces for applications with network access, GPS, Bluetooth or OpenGL 3D graphics support. 


The package doesn’t contain an Android platform or third-party components. So you are required to start the SDK Manager and install at least one platform together with its adjacent tools.


Android SDK provides all the necessary components for development work. Installing applications in APK format via the command line have the Google designers can solve but elegant.


It aims at experienced developers but beginners require proper research before using it.



  • Provides benefits for Android applications
  • Compatible with old versions
  • Lighter
  • Compatible with third party components


  • Need to install SDK to use plug-ins


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