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Adobe Flash Player (for IE)

Download Adobe Flash Player (for IE)

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Adobe Flash Player (for IE) Free Download

Multimedia standard in the Internet

Adobe Flash Player is multimedia content from the network again. 

The free software gives a self-running program and as a plug-in animations in the browser Internet Explorer to life.

Requirement for online videos and games

Adobe Flash Player makes it possible to navigate through Flash-based websites. The application also permits access to countless games and animation on the Internet. Flash is used for example in YouTube videos and browser games used.

Inconspicuous companion

Adobe Flash Player works discreetly in the background. After installation has full access to all Flash content on the web. Other settings, such as permissions for camera and microphone are only required in individual cases. They are easy to make using the entry in the Windows Control Panel or by right-clicking on the media in a browser.

High computational burden and security risks

Adobe Flash Player on newer machines running smoothly in general. Depending on the media type is the application of the system but properly under load. This can lead to a slowing down of the PC and shorter battery life in laptops.

Adobe Flash Player is also frequently affected by vulnerabilities. So you should always possible to keep the program up to date.

Conclusion: Indispensable for multimedia network

The Adobe Flash Player plug-in is the standard for playback of Flash animations in Internet Explorer (IE). The free program presented in modern multimedia internet. Users of Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari to download Adobe Flash Player for Firefox down.


This version installs the Adobe Flash Player in Internet Explorer. A version of Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Safari can be found.

  • Standard multimedia player for the web
  • automatic setup
  • common vulnerabilities
  • partly high system load


KMPlayer screenshot