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AV Voice Changer Software

Last updated on: 06/01/2014 by Rekha Yadav




AV Voice Changer Software Diamond distorted human voices. With this program we can apply changes to the voices while speaking or in edit recordings stored on the hard drive later. The user loads the application interface files in the MP3 format in AV Voice Changer Software Diamond. Optionally, one speaks live via a microphone is connected and stores the result to disk. On request alienates we are with AV Voice Changer Software Diamond's own voice recorded music, telephones with voice-over-IP phone via voice chat or talk with a partner.


AV Voice Changer Software Diamond has numerous filters and effects onboard, with which one can alienate voices or audio recordings. The sound manipulations are adjusted to fit individual. If necessary, we save the so-called presets for later use on the hard drive. On request, you use the software in real time with online games like Word of Warcraft, Second Life or Everquest. Well as Voice Changer for VoIP software like Skype is the software itself.



  • Live sound manipulation
  • Many effects


  • Only in English
  • Strongly limited trial version
  • Ugly User Interface

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