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Soundflower Free Download

Transmits sound system directly from a playback application to other audio software

Soundflower to send audio signals directly from program to program.The freeware allows, for example, the inclusion of played music by limited to line-in or microphone inputs audio recorder such as Audacity .

Soundflower does not come with surface and extends the system to two virtual sound devices. By simultaneous selection of Soundflower as the output and input device in the system settings you redirect the sound from any application in any program to another. To choose from a limited to two channels and programs a virtual device and a virtual multi-channel sound card for simultaneous transmission of sound to multiple programs.

SoundFlower solves the problem of direct recordings of the system sound on elegant style with the handy freeware saves on expensive audio recorder or lossy wired solutions. In combination with a free audio editor to save with Soundflower everything on the Mac audible in best quality as a sound file on the hard disk.

  • integrated directly into the system
  • works with all programs together
  • nothing worth mentioning



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