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Final Cut Pro X

Download Final Cut Pro X

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Final Cut Pro X Free Download

The new Final Cut Pro for the Mac

With Final Cut Pro X, Apple provides uproar among ambitious video editors. The fundamentally overhauled interface editor is based on the user interface more closely to iMovie and forces with the magnetic timeline a whole new workflow for professional editors.

At first glance, similar to Final Cut Pro X user interface of iMovie by drag & drop photos pulls you into the project.Unlike previous versions of Final Cut Pro X supports more formats, including AVCHD and H.264 videos of comparatively exotic digital SLR cameras. The supported image formats include Photoshop files, Final Cut Pro X, but only as a flattened image without opening levels.

Magnetic Timeline keeps together what belongs together 
with mouse or keyboard shortcuts to set the start and end markers of a clip. Here the focus moves to the new magnetic timeline, the focal point of Final Cut Pro X: One stick clips together formally. The magnetic timeline facilitates, for example, the common moving clips. With many different transitions from a motley fundus different templates Final Cut Pro X interweaves several clips into one movie.

Audio Editing 
While working on the project from Final Cut Pro X, you can run the preview on. This is especially helpful when customizing sound effects: You can check the range of built-in Final Cut Pro X effects directly in real time. Keyframes help in the precise dosage. However, a track-based audio processing is missing.

Technical Details 
Final Cut Pro X renders effects in the background and allows for a much faster previewing. By skimming to quickly scan through videos. Old Final Cut project files does not open Final Cut Pro X and difficult to boot the access of multiple editors on the same project file. In addition, Final Cut Pro X is missing a hardware-based preview control on external monitors. Integration with other Apple products such as Motion eliminates and prevents a straightforward working on the same project with different applications, which would be useful for example in professional titling.

With Final Cut Pro X will especially benefit users in the higher amateur level of the high-quality effects, the style similar to iMovie workflow and many export formats, including YouTube, Facebook and less relishing professionals against the non-existent hardware monitoring and the lack of the possibility of importing older Final Cut project files. For team-based work on the same project to Final Cut Pro X is not.

  • very fast work with videos
  • Background rendering
  • contains high-quality effects and transitions
  • working efficiently with the magnetic timeline possible
  • Export to many formats
  • no track-based audio processing
  • not be used to control monitors
  • does not open old Final Cut project files




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