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Apache OpenOffice

Download Apache OpenOffice

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Apache OpenOffice Free Download

Free office suite for Mac OS X

With the free Apache OpenOffice is a complete office software on the computer. The alternative toMicrosoft Office for Mac provides a word processor, spreadsheet, drawing program, database management, formula editor and a presentation program on the computer. Alternatives are LibreOffice and White Label Office .

The user worked with Apache OpenOffice documents at the same bandwidth as the paid Microsoft Office for Mac. Already at the start of the 3 version drops the new Centre designed to start. About the icons to choose the type of document to be edited.

If necessary, the core of Apache OpenOffice word processor Writer, shows several pages at a time. The Calc spreadsheet calculated on request, the optimum cell size automatically and provides tables with up to 1024 columns dar. chart drawing software program and the draw have a comprehensive toolbox for individual graphics on board.

Apache OpenOffice manages the document internally to the XML format and supports all popular formats, including Microsoft formats MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2008 and the new Open Document Format ODF. Apache OpenOffice runs on the Mac operating system without the extension X11 and adds a visually perfect.

Apache OpenOffice for Mac is a completely successful office software. The freeware offers solutions for almost every task. Its intuitive interface is contrary to beginners. With extensions to adapt to the free office suite to its own needs.

  • high compatibility with Microsoft Office formats
  • five independent modules cover the complete office supplies from
  • mature office suite
  • from professional applications may in some cases be compatibility problems


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