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Let’s Chat Using Coolest app-WeChat

Last Updated on : 01/10/2013

WeChat is one of the most popular messaging app. App has more than 300 million registered users. WeChat is developed by the CEO of Tencent and well known as Weixin in china. This app is one of the best alternatives over so popular app WhatsApp.
App is furnished with many cool and interesting features apart from free messaging and calling features. It allows free HD calls to its user. It is an interesting social networking app having many coolest attributes which give enjoyable time to its users.


WeChat supports various services. Its user can send text, pictures, videos can share location data as well contact details for free. All you need is just a data plan. App also support video calls so you can even see your love ones while communicating. To have some cool way communications this app included Live Chat option that means you can share thought in walkie-talkie manner. Moreover you can randomly make new friends on the globe.
Bored with conventional typing style to send message to your friends? Try WeChat this app will make you able to send your recorded voice. Just press “Hold to Talk” button to access this function and exciting thing is that your original recorded voice will be sent not as text after voice search. So say bye to old hassle manner of typing and save time. In case of emoticons WeChat giving you very interesting interface where you can convert any image of your choice to send as emoticons. It is the awesome attribute.
You can even sync your WeChat to Facebook profile too beyond that using WeChat user can share their pictures with the world using very special feature of this app known as “Moments”. By using “Look around feature” this app allowing you to expand your network. User can connect with any other active user. Apart from these standard functions, WeChat introduced some interesting innovations also. The function "shake", allows user to find other users around, who are shaking their mobile at that instant. You just shake your mobile after activating this feature and WeChat itself will pop up the names of the user shaking phones on your list. Another innovative feature of WeChat is called "Drift Bottle". User can throw a bottle containing text or voice message into the sea and anyone can pick it up. Yes!! Any one on the globe (user of WeChat) can hear your message randomly and you too can pick any such bottles in the same manner. Amazing feature!!
Now the most appreciative feature of WeChat is you can login through PC than can carry on with your conversations and coolest thing is that back up of your conversation is  stored on your phone not on PC that means you can be active on WeChat while working on office’s system. So stop juggling between PC and phone and give a try to WeChat.

How to install

To start with WeChat, users have to register themselves by entering their phone number in order to receive an activation code via SMS. WeChat automatically sync contacts directory on your application. We can say this is an interesting alternative to WhatsApp as it supports video recordings, syncing of phone contacts and GPS.  As well in this app Chats, Contacts, Social and Settings are listed along the bottom. New notifications appear in WeChat timeline. A real time Live Chat feature for groups is available where user can invite people into the chat using QR codes. And this all for free as WeChat works over phone's existing data plan or any Wi-Fi connection

An alternative to WhatsApp on Android

WeChat is an application to chat / instant messaging from China who knows a growing success in the world today to become a serious contender for Whatsapp . 

To start using WeChat, you must enter your phone number in order to receive an activation code via SMS.WeChat automatically add contacts directory on your application. 

WeChat can chat with one or more people using emoticons like Line, make calls and video conferencing.The application even has a type system Walkie-Talkie , on which you can leave short voice messages. WeChat features a wall like on Facebook where you can share messages or photographs. 

In addition to these standard functions, WeChat introduced some interesting innovations . The first is the function "shake" , which allows you to find other users around you. Just shake your mobile, and WeChat will connect you with other users being themselves also shake the phone.

Another innovative feature of WeChat is called "Message in a Bottle" . You can send it through a text or voice messages to the world, hoping that someone will read it. Similarly, you can open random messages from users. 

WeChat offers many original feature and works great, but has the same problem as other messaging applications: its success will depend on the number of users who will be there. However, the software offers innovative features to meet other users, which differentiates it from the competition. 


The direct download link of the installation file returns to Google Play.

  • Free texting, voice messages, and video calls in your pocket
    Voice calls with HD quality
    Many emoticons with animated smiley
    Mode is like Real walkie-talkie with up to 40 friends
    Always on, no logouts and never miss a message as notification is push type.
    Available on Android and all other Smartphone, all for free
    Make user able to extent network.        

    Easily allows transferring chat history to another device
  • App has Censors its communications within China.
    There is no option to export your chat history.
    Massive number of notifications

    Video chat may not work properly in case of large groups.



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