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Voxer: An Innovative way to chat

Last updated on: 06/01/2014 by Priya Jha

Voxer is an app that can twist your Android phone into a two way radio or   walkie-talkie. Alike to Viber and Skype while it comes to tone chatting and call organization, Voxer also include content chatting like WhatsApp, building it an extremely inclusive app.

Voxer's resonance superiority is sufficient. Voxer is an immense all-in-one wording, tone of voice chat and auditory recording app. it is free of charge and has very cool features. It is extremely attractive and user friendly. Voxer interface is an exclusive, safe, and free of charge chat interface. It also compose voice message easier and there is no need for a regular phone call, which is a large advantage.




Voxer is new type of a Walkie-Talkie. It allows you too effortlessly and immediately converse with individual or with a group.  With this cool app user can stop thinking about detach phone calls, voicemails, messages .With Voxer user can immediately fling audio, content, snaps, and carve up their locality.Voxer is free of charge and it’s filled with features. Voxer is easy to understand. Voxer twist your Android phone into the definitive real-time Walkie Talkie.


After generating your Voxer account, you can attach your contact catalog to observe who you are familiar with is using the app. chitchat can be finished with single or additional people and you can fling text and similes in accumulation to voice chats. Every voice message can be literally long .Voxer is a fun-to-use app that offers a supplementary module for instantaneous messaging conversation with your friends.





? Traverse podium Messenger

? Tone, wording, snap and locality

? the whole thing is free of charge

? No irritating advertisement

? dig up notifications for fresh messages

? generate messages even offline

? Play tone of voice messages more rapidly


Recent changes

  • Everybody has their individual username.
  • Halloween thesis
  • Well-off Notifications
  • Better group chats
  • Assembly chats at present be up to 500 public
  • Allocate messages
  • Voxer Pro users can carve up their SMS throughout email
  • Fixes a virus through Voxer index hunt outcome


  • Wording or audio  chat in excess of  3G,Wi-Fi and many more
  • Maintain group chats
  • Hook up through Facebook to locate friends
  • Maintain offline messaging
  • Thrust to speak skill
  • Transfer photograph and diagram
  • Aptitude to obtain notes
  • Incorporation through Facebook



  • No list of options of emoticons
  • Comparatively not many users
  • Echo feature is a slight clanging


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