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Viber -The space age communication App

Last Updated on : 30/10/2013

Viber is the new way in which world communicates. User can send free text as well can make free calls to any other Viber user. App works pretty well over Wi-Fi or 3G providing crystal clear voice quality. Yes 200 million users are currently active on Viber. The potent virtue of Viber is that it does not use as much memory while running in the background. Far kinder on the battery which means Viber gives longer battery life and thus better performance. Overall this app is the better alternative over Skype.
User can send photos, videos, emoticons which also have an attractive range of fun stickers. Simple and quick with fantastic chat interface. Messaging screen background can be customized. App has a bar in bottom showing buttons for messages, recent call log, keypad and more. if Viber is selected as a default call handling tool on your device then while calling non Viber user friends you have to press an extra key. To easily locate the Viber using contact user need not to do anything instead app itself lists them for easy accessing.


Detail Description

The very essential thing which you need to use Viber is registration of your phone number only for once. After registration Viber verifies its user by sending text message to their phone, and detects the activation code automatically user don’t have to enter it. This step is necessary to complete the registration process. There is no tedious way of signing up to be a Viber account holder as well no need to sign in again and again.

Moreover App automatically sync with device contact list and display Viber logo next to contact to indicate who has installed this app. In this way you can make free call to your friends who also has installed app. Viber has push notification and thus make you able to get notification even when you are not using it.
Quality of voice call is quite better. Appearance is simple and user friendly, easy to use with less investment of time. Thus we can say that Viber is the best app to make your Smartphone working smarter. It uses less data, not consume much system resources and save battery.
Your phone number is your ID on Viber. It allows group messaging with 40 members at a time. Viber is a VoIP based application i.e., Voice over Internet Protocol, which means it has to use data and not your regular cell phone network to operate. That means if you are using your data connection in 3G/4G or Wi-Fi your call should be free. Don't worry you won't be charged, but make sure your friend also uses Viber. App is now available for many Smartphone. Adding and editing contacts on Viber is a little shaky. Viber uses the default Android contact editor which is visually unpleasant and a bit confusing. Viber also has some extensive settings, the most important of which is to automatically respond with a Viber message to an incoming SMS message. This saves the trouble of jumping between apps and help keeping texting bill under control. When you're not in the Viber app, new messages appear as pop-up windows complete with a text field. This means you can scratch off a quick reply, even when the phone is locked.

Scope of improvement

Viber is getting famous makes things free between peers. But the weakest point of Viber is contact handling. Only way to start a call through Viber user have to set Viber as the default calling app or have to waste time by selecting Viber calling option each time manually. But on the other side it must be included that call quality isn’t too bad either. And since it works on both Wi-Fi and 3G you can have it running at all times and can be constantly available.  This is a key to saving you and your contacts money on costly calls! It’s certainly worth a try. It’s all free of cost basically Skype on phone.

Recent Addition

User interface has been redesigned to give latest Android look and feel. Viber is also available for windows phone and Apple computer. User can transfer calls from Android to Desktop. An indicator is added to indicate user’s online status. Now has improved sound quality.

Free calls with your Android phone

With Viber Android users worldwide phone calls for free over the Internet. 

The free app uses to VoIP over WLAN or UMTS, and also sent SMS.

Multimedia Communication

Viber allows free phone calls and text messages to people that have Viber installed also. Automatic alerts inform you of calls and SMS.In addition, about Viber can also be stored on the mobile phone photos to send.

Easy setup and use

The user leaves at Viber his phone number and receive a text message with a code to unlock the app. About WLAN and UMTS you can now call all the contacts from his phone book, which also have Viber. For a free phone with a person from the contact list you select the option Freecall . For a free text message you tap on Free message . Internet connection is not available, it makes the call to the mobile network if necessary. But be careful, then come to telephone costs to the user.

Good call quality

Call quality is pretty good with Viber. For weak internet connection but calls can suddenly disappear. Not so nice: Is the mobile phone of the caller off, you hear about Viber still a dial tone. Even the monotonous surface offers potential for improvement.

Conclusion: Powerful Skype alternative

Viber VoIP has all the necessary features with on board and convinced by good performance values. The app offers itself as a faster and simpler alternative toSkype for Android to. However, some weaknesses and flaws tarnish the good overall impression.


For technical reasons, to the free download page on the Android Market.

  • Very simple to use
  • Notifies user about all contacts who are on Viber
  • Send photos and videos
  • Stickers and emoticons to liven up chats
  • Group messaging
  • Crystal clear voice quality.
  • Viber is available in 30 languages
  • Respond immediately to messages using quick reply 
  • OS integration – share photos and videos straight from your device’s gallery
  • No ads and 100% free
  • Indicator for power quality
  • No video call function
  • Call breaks off in poor signal
  • only a ringtone available
  • monotonic user
  • Delays in Wi-Fi usage
  • App running unstable
  • No calling and messaging to non-Viber users.
  • Reduced quality with low Wi-Fi or 3G signals.
  • you can't set up Viber on a device without a phone number—such as a tablet
Viber will annoyingly create a shortcut to your device's desktop even if you've already made one.





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