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Tango Free Download

Tango-Breeze in free video calling and messaging

Tango allows you to rhythm together with your buddies. Yes install it and enjoy all its services for free. App allows you to make video calls and send messages instantly for free. App works on network data plan (3G/4G) or Wi-Fi.



Tango is not strictly supports only android devices instead it’s a cross platform. It allows both Android and iOS users to come together in video chat. On very early days of its release, it only allowed communication between Android and iOS users, but recently it also extended compatibility to Windows phones as well as desktops and laptops, which give a tremendous benefit to its user who want to have just one app service for all platforms. In same way as other traditional apps available tango also sync all your saved contacts to provide you information about all your tango friends. Thus user smartly can recognize tango users and, start chatting on their wish. At the same time if you wish to invite any your friend on tango you can do that as app is providing an option to text or email. But of course not poking it’s depending only on your wish. If your device has secondary camera (front facing camera) then you can also enjoy the video call functionality of this app. Quality of call is superb and very much noise free as compare to other similar software present in the market. Along these basic features Tango also equipped with some other handy trait such as you can animate your video chats as well app has ability of adding fun filters. The best thing of this app is user can even play games while calling through tango. In short this app will never allow you to get bored. Users could easily attract by because Tango offers free phone calls over 3G, so you can finally stop paying for each minute while you communicating with your friends and family as Tango to Tango calls are free worldwide  with no limits on duration or as well on frequency. Also neither it is limited to Wi-Fi calling. This service has given a boost in downloads of Tango.



Tango has very casual initial setup and installation. After installation app will automatically scan all your contacts to see who has Tango already installed, and add them too.  If you want to communicate on tango with any friends or family simply invite them through either a text message or email. With a single tab you can select which kind of call you’d like to make. Perhaps you started an audio call but still you can swap to video call without losing your connection. Yes! You can seamlessly switch between video and audio without losing the call or lagging as app includes two-way video calls, as well as just audio. If you are thinking about the quality of video and audio calls then nothing to worry about here. App provides very superb quality of video over 3G/4G or Wi-Fi, and looks as good as it can possibly get over a 3G connection.  Audio calls only dropped when you lost your phone signal, which is to be expected. However you can experience serious drop behind when using an older Android device. Tango is that kind of app which does not need to be running in the background of any devices to make its user able to receive calls. The notification system of this app will alert you about all incoming calls or videos.

Recent changes

  • Previous version (1.6.10389) is now updated to Current Version (1.6.10456)
  • App has fixed a bug that causes forceful close of the app if the device orientation was changed during registration.
  • LG Revolution front facing camera also now supported by tango.


  • Simple and quick setup
  • All its operations are self-interpretative.
  • Not only support Wi-Fi but also 3G, 4G
  • Provide free phone calls and messages
  • works on different operating systems
  • support clear call quality


  • Adding new contacts is fiddly.
  • No group video conferencing feature available.


Let’s start tango as Tango is a great substitute for users who need a video chat app that doesn’t charge for calls or requires a Wi-Fi only connection. Overall we can say the video looks great, and there is very little blurriness or pixilation and yes depending on your connection, you may see more pixels too.

Don’t wait or waste money make best use of your data plan. Tango is an app which provides video chat, instant messaging and thus makes it easier to maintain face-to-face contact with your family and friends. Tango is an interesting alternative.

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