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Snapchat: Throwaway Chat with Images

Last updated on: 06/01/2014 by Priya Jha


Snapchat is the instantaneous image sharing app .it lets you acquire photograph and send them to friends, who can observe them for a utmost of 10 seconds prior to they're gone eternally. With no way to keep the photos or analysis them for longer than the selected time, Snapchat is the ideal way to share rapid snaps with your friends. 

The idea of Snapchat is actually very easy. User can capture a snap with the in-app camera, include up to 40 lettering of text or can employ the pencil to illustrate in the abnormal beard or sprite horns. After that decide how lengthy you want your friends to observe the photo and select which friends you desire to be given it, and strike send.

When you obtain a photo, you squash and grip the message to sight the snap. The clock begins as soon as you hit it off the message, and count up on the monitor yet if you're not holding down to sight the picture. 




Practice an absolutely innovative way to share a picture, video, with this cool app. They'll analysis it, giggle, and then the snap evaporate from the screen except they acquire a screenshot.


The Snapchat home monitor is the camera itself. Snapchat keep photos safe by removing them instantly. Snapchat is a fine app for sending fast picture messages to friends. Snapchat is exceptional in that it helps you to manage how long your friends can see a message. For example, user can set a message to be observed for up to 10 seconds. The latest features in Snapchat comprise the choice to share videos, as well as Snapchat Stories, which lets your friend’s analysis photos an unrestricted number of times for up to 24 hours. 


• Place message clock for up to 10 seconds

• Message evaporate entirely after that moment
• Notification send to user if screenshot taken
• Hold up for front-facing cameras



  • small buzz
  • comical design
  • simple to use
  • user friendly


  • Rejection  of actual advantage



With Snapchat drive messages to associates throwaway in image form. The consecutively countdown organize a firm thrill when user unlock the message. This is entertaining, but also allows ill-treatment. 

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