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 Path: Share your life

 Last updated on: 09/01/2014 by Priya Jha


Path is an attractive app for android, serving as an individual academic journal that you can apply to share and hook up with close friends and relatives. Path app let you share just concerning everything that you might concern to inform your friends and family.


Path is an innovatory mobile account. This app allows you to add timeline feelings, pictures, places you stopover, people you've been and many more.

After generating your account, you be able to add friends from social networking sites or your contact list.




Path is the reliance place for your confidential life. It's anywhere you can be yourself, keep on close to the people who subject most, and share life in its place of links. Path provides you absolute power above what you share, and who you decide to share with. With its stunning design and easy experience, Path preserve a 5 star score and is appreciated by millions of people. Path is ad-free app.


Path is recognized for its drawing .it has very attractive features that includes the gloominess on the key to the way firm features lighten out when you stare at a picture, it’s the manner that tiny things approach together that formulate Path an striking app.

 Path allows you to Share life as you reside it, among the people you be familiar with greatest and worry about the most, in an attractive place that you manage.


Strike open the app and you observe a wet screen temporarily. One time the app is loaded, you will observe the timeline. On the peak your will find your escort picture and your outline picture in a much lesser size. Somewhere approximately there is the guide refresh key. The timeline begin below that, and is reasonably pleasing visually.



  • Explore all of your recollections by keyword, period, climate, date, people, places, and more.


  •  Collect & share media instant.
  • Incarcerate picture with a number of the best filters and expurgation


  •  The quick, enjoyable, and confidential way to message your family and friends


  • Form an internal Circle by choosing a set of friends to effortlessly share moments with.
  • Speak further in a sole tap with complimentary handcrafted stickers


  • Buy supplementary stickers and photograph filters to modify your Path, and to articulate yourself in your messages.


  • Devise enlarge
  • Camera special effects
  • Focal point more confidential
  • Regular mode for places


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Path is an eye-catching app for android device. This app serves as an intellectual journal that user can apply to share and clip up with close friends and relatives. It is easy and incredibly amazing to use

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