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Gmail on your phone

Last updated on: 06/01/2014 by Priya Jha

Gmail is one of the most trendy web-based email services out there, and it's also accessible for Android device. Gmail for android formulate it simple to stay connected with your email irrespective of fact where ever your being.

You'll be alert the minute you get a new email via Gmail's thrust notification structure. In adding up user can simply contact whichever messages that have already been synched if data link is off.

Gmail even has a group scheme that lets user label staror chief messages to simply find them in the future. Searching is a simple click and type function that will help you find messages by keyword. There's also hold up for numerous Gmail accounts so user can get mail from other than one account at a point.




Gmail for android is more instinctive, well-organized, and helpful. This app is free of cost and has very cool features.
Gmail also helps you to supervise several accounts sight, keep attachments and also set up label notifications .Gmail application included with associates and Android
applications. Gmail has been a straightforward and inclusive way to verify your mail online for years now. This app just provides better communicating though you're away from your PC.



  • Email pressed mechanically to your telephone
  • look for all your messages
  •  contact synched messages while off line
  • analysis messages by chat
  •  numerous Gmail accounts
  •  Stars, labels, and a lot of additional features


Recent changes


  • respond, records or erase from notifications
  •  not require to unlock the app
  • quicker search, even when  offline
  • virus fixes and presentation improvement
  • custom improvements


  • Move forward notifications 
  • Sync with supplementary than single email account
  • Explore by keywords or expression 
  • Put together Android friends list
  • Simple interface



  • Adding up attachment can be complicated 
  • No formulate options



This app is must for those who are using Gmail .The app is comprehensible, spontaneous and offer the whole thing one desires on the path in e-mail. The organization is quick and inclusive access to the mailbox.


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