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Fish Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Download Fish Aquarium Live Wallpaper

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Fish Aquarium Live Wallpaper Free Download

Give Life to Your Android phone by Fish Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Last updated on: 06/01/2014 by Priya Jha


Fish aquarium   live wallpaper is al free Download it right now. This app has very attractive and cool feature that includes remarkable 3D live wallpaper with interactive screen for your android device. Users have full hold up for landscape mode and home-screen switching. This free app will provide you everything you need -pleasure, leisure, entertainment and exceptionality .The pretty fishes swimming approximately on your screen will make all your wishes come true. This app will provide life to your android device. The most unique thing about this is that this app is for people of all ages. It is ideal for those who adore 'Fish Aquarium Live Wallpaper' on their android screen.



Attractive 3D fish and plants decorate   your home screen with stunning backgrounds and flat motion. Double- tap to nourish them, and to get their interest.

At this instant observe fishes stirring in aquarium and that too without feeding them. Set this fish aquarium live wall paper on your home screen and take your beloved fishes with you wherever. Indiscriminately appearing fishes and bubbles will formulate this live wall paper as genuine as the aquarium you wished to have at your place of work or house.

This wall paper has three special backgrounds of aquarium. The thickness, velocity and bubble type will be changed by choices given in settings. Diverse experiments are likely in the same wall paper by influential the direction, pace, concentration and the type of fish user like to observe on phone screen




  • Splendid appear and feel
  • Diverse customization options.
  • 5 type of effervesce
  • HD background
  •  stroke effect on fishes
  • Absolutely Eye-catching illustration effects.

What's New?

  •  Multi-layer background
  • improved steadiness presentation
  • replicated scroll on some devices
  • innovative icon art, etc



  • gorgeous 3D fish and flora gear up  home screen
  • attractive for fish lovers
  • extremely eye popping effects



  • Too much options




The finest Fish Aquarium live wallpaper and background app for Android.
Modify your android home screen background with this breezy water dynamic Live Wallpaper. Its worth to try it.

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