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Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Messenger Free Download

Facebook Messenger

Last updated on: 13/01/2014 by Priya Jha

Facebook Messenger is an individual app that let you to converse with your Facebook friends and fling SMS and text messages to every contact on your handset. 

Facebook Messenger mingles friends and portable contacts to allocate for group messages, all along with location-based purpose. Facebook Messenger ropes sticky label, as well as a respectable variety of default stickers, plus the chance to buy innovative stickers all the way through the store in order to lighten up your conversation.

The edge is easy to use. The devise of the Facebook Messenger user interface is fresh and shipshape. The blue of the list of options icons and green of the attentive messages locate out obviously against the app's white background and this unfussy look provide better presence to the conversation themselves. The app permits you to send messages to whichever contact in your phone, not only your Facebook friends. Facebook contacts illustrate up with a blue gurgle and SMS messages illustrate in green.




Facebok Messenger is a quick, without charge and trustworthy way to continue in touch. User can dig up to messages without even opening Facebook. This allows you to send snaps confidentially. User can maintain the conversation going through chat heads and can chat even as using additional app.  It has very unique features that include, make free of charge calls, even to associates in other countries, and be acquainted with when people have perceive your messages. The app is simple and very easy to use.



  • Maintain chatting, even while you’re using additional apps
  • Tap a chat head to answer, pull them roughly or brush them behind to close
  • Acquire your SMS and Facebook messages collectively
  • Carry conversations to existence.
  •  Send voice messages while you have further to speak
  •  Attach a photo to share  
  •  Contain amusing  fun with smileys and additional emoji
  • Message a friend or set up a group conversation
  •  Embrace your location to let friends know you’re close by
  • Swipe left to see who’s accessible
  • Get shove notifications

Recent changes


  • The present edition let you to send voice messages.
  • virus secure for consistency


  • Messenger for Facebook acquaintances
  • Assemblage chat
  • Localization utility
  • Permit for grouping messaging
  • Consist of SMS thread
  • Can send tone of voice messages


  • Can only contact Facebook and SMS contacts


The Facebook Messenger is parallel to WhatsApp to fling text messages. This app is clear and straightforward and furnishes its function.

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