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Facebook world on your phone

Last updated on: 31/12/2013 by Priya Jha


Facebook Home is a Facebook app that renovates your Android abode screen into a center for action on the social network.

Facebook Home unifies the features of the Facebook for Android app and the Facebook Messenger app, giving you immediate, widespread access. It also consists of an innovative Chat aspect which let you to react straight to messages.
Facebook Home is an app for true Facebook admirer. This app is free and is a launcher that fully supports the user interface of the mobile phone on Facebook. 

Facebook Home is the portable knowledge that places your friends at the heart of your handset. From the minute users turn it on they can observe a stable flow of friends' posts and photos on your home screen.




Facebook Home is a best launcher substitute for Android handset that seats Facebook's a lot of services at the center of your Android smart phone. Facebook Home not only displays your home screen with full-screen photograph and status updates, but also smudges the line between SMS and Facebook chat.  There's no disagree with that Facebook Home is professional.  Quick look at your phone for the newest photos and posts from your associates. With chat heads and Facebook Messenger, user can maintain chatting when using further apps. Observe news as it occur with better, bolder notifications

Recent changes

  • Use the  facebook Home app as app launcher
  • efficient app launcher
  • observe photos and posts from internet
  • modernize Facebook for Android
  • Home to get the latest Home features



  • for facebook lovers
  • attractive and eye catching features
  • instant message



  • available for small devices
  • little tricky




Facebook home is free and best app .it is ideal for facebook lovers


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